I often collaborate with artists in other projects.

It´s always a big challenge and amazing adventure.

The very best so far :

Ink large paper works with Shih Yun Yeo . We meet in 2009 and since then we already produce many pieces painted together.

Here I posted some works from Calligraphy series, 2013.

Interview and more about our collaboration here

In 2014 I participated in the project INTINC 10 , THE GREAT COLLABORATION  

and I did an interesting painting collaboration with the singaporean pop artist Justin Lee, mixing icong from Spanish and Singaporean culture.

In 2013 I collaborated with the serbian artist Ana Zdravkovic.  “The Blue Iceberg” project was created as a part of the “H2O Emergencias” workshop at Complutense University in Madrid, Spain. It was inspired by the GLACKMA project and the blue colour of glaciers.

We were treating the water issues through painting with colored ice cubes. Basically we wanted to reduce the intervention on the painting by hands to a minimum. We left the ice on the paper to melt and create its own lines and ways.
A video of the action paitning with the music of Tze Toh:

“Haikus, Normandie” Is a collaboration book with the french artist Franck Rollier. We worked in a collection of poems and drawings written and painted by two hands.The book is edited in Franch, SPanish and english, avaliable on amazon.

Finally I included images of Casa de pájaros (bird houses) .An installation realized in Lendava Art residence with the  scotish artist Ric Warren.