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Group Exhibition in Portugal


Fórum Eugénio de Almeida

11 july – 06 october 2013

Curator: Claudia Giannetti

Portas Abertas is the result of an invitation to artists worldwide to present a work that reflected their vision of the dichotomy between the historical context of the space where it is presented and the current world, as a sign that art can open doors to dialogue, a foundation for building a fairer, more tolerant and inclusive society.
Based on concepts of space-network, dialogue, decentralization, interculturality and inclusion, Portas Abertas embodies the philosophy and principles of this new venue for artistic and cultural expression as a contribution to a more cohesive and plural society.
Centered on a concept of equality and on a clear reference to coexistence and dialogue between different forms of expression, until 6 October works by artists from 60 countries, will be on display, using exactly the same media and dimensions, in a universal discourse without frontiers.